In the New Testament evangelist did not go from church to church; instead they went where sinners were. 

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I'm fortunate enough that I can talk to anyone about Jesus Christ leading hundreds to Him. For many people though, getting the confidence is incredibly difficult.  I can help you. 

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DeWayne Brasfield

“I never realized what a need there was for people understanding the difference between being a believer verses a disciple.

The class made me think and examine myself. Now living confident in sharing my faith with strangers, it’s easy to forget that other Christians out there don’t have it as easy as you do.

This workshop opened my eyes and heart to a whole world of people I can help!”


Michelle Stemmons,

Former Workshop Participant

“De Wayne's Classes are completely responsible for getting me out doing discipleship work beyond dropping tracts. They provided instruction on how to do it, emphasized the desperate need for believers to do it and provide a platform to get started with confidence!"


Robert R. Kalt,

Former Workshop Participant

Where there's spiritual thirst, there's a need for Jesus. But how can they hear unless someone is sent. 

Jesus Sends out the twelve:

Matthew 10 | Mark 6 |  Luke 9 & 10

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